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All the Basketball Betting Odds You Need Here


Basketball is one of the world’s most popular games and for a good reason. As a result of the huge interest in the game, many sports betting activities have begun to focus on main competitions such as the NBA.

There are so many things to consider. And so, you have to take into consideration important aspects of the experience such as basketball lines and basketball odds. In fact, basketball betting online is a matter of understanding the game and teams.

Players and rules also play an important part and you will get a chance to enjoy all of them right here at Probettingz. Prepare yourself to experience basketball online betting the way it has always meant to be.

Understanding Basketball Betting Odds

So, the main thing you need to do to bet basketball games is to be able to read the NCAA Basketball odds and College Basketball Betting Lines. So long you can do that, you are pretty much safe and you can ensure the success of your betting endeavour.

But what does it mean – being able to read the odds? That’s actually very easy. You will have to understand the types of wagers and what the numbers mean. You see, the numbers in basketball betting are just an indication of probability.

In other words, what the chances of a particular event transpiring are. Sometimes they are rather more challenging to guess, but sometimes they are easier. What determines the difficult of the bet? Well, the trends. In the 2018/2019 season, the Golden State Warriors were completely killing it.

But in the 2019/2020 they are still struggling by a fair bit. Meanwhile making successful wagers on NCAA games isn’t that difficult – certain schools just tend to do better season after season.

Point Spread Betting

Alright, so the first real challenge is the point spread betting system. This is a very common type of wager, especially in the United States, but the good news is you shouldn’t have any difficult. Point spread betting is usually done pre-game and on upcoming matches.

The spread is basically a plus/minus advantage of points you bet on. So, let’s say the Raptors are playing the Cavaliers and Raptors are given -5 point spread and the Cavaliers are given +5.  These points will then be subtracted and added to the final game score.

So, on December 17, the Raptors and Cavaliers played and the Raptors won 133 versus the Cavaliers 113. So, when you add the spread, the final score is now Raptors 133-5 = 128 and Cavaliers 113+5 = 118.

As you can see, the spread wasn’t covered. A 5-point spread is also quite generous to be quite honest. Most NCAA and NBA basketball betting lines aren’t as generous. But since the NBA generates so many points, the NBA online betting spreads are actually quite common.

Betting on the Moneyline

This is the most common type of wager of all. You see, the Moneyline is basically betting on the match winner. But why should it be so complicated right? Well it hasn’t got to be! You see the Moneyline is also expressed with a plus and a minus.

Raptors have -130 line for them and the Cavaliers have +150 line. So, what this means is the Raptors are favourites and you need to wager $130 for a chance to win $100. Conversely, if you wager $100 on the Cavaliers, you will end up winning $150.

Of course, you don’t have to bet with $100-$150 at a time. The bet will simply scale down depending on how much money you commit – it’s really that simple. Sounds pretty straightforward, yes? Well, it is!

Total or Over/Under Bet

Over/Under? What’s that? Well, this is something that doesn’t have to do with which team and how much points each team will score. Rather, you are trying to guess the final score. In other words, you want to find out what the total score in the end will be when the referee ends the game. Bu that’s a bit of a challenge no? After all, NBA total points are hard to pinpoint. Even if you bet on NCAA basketball you will still feel at a loss. Well, the truth is you should just bet on whether the total score will exceed a certain threshold – that’s it. If you succeed, you bring home the bacon and win.

Future Bets

Next on the list of bets we want to talk about is the future betting lines. This is another key variable in NBA basketball betting. You see, some people love to put their bets even earlier than a day or two ahead. Some might even wager on the whole five games in the playoffs, for example, to squeeze out some extra value. It’s not uncommon and it makes sense when you think about it.

A Future bet is basically a type of wager you place very early on with the sole purpose of giving yourself a better chance of winning more – plain and simple. The key variable with any other types of wagers here is that you place it very early on.

Basketball Betting Tips

Last but not least, there are many basketball tips you can follow to guarantee yourself success. Before you bet on basketball leagues, make sure to check the best basketball odds online. How to find these? Just compare the odds that are being offered at different bookies. It really doesn’t take that much to make up your mind and decide what works best for you. You can read up on the NCAA basketball picks or see what other experts agree the best possible picks are. In any event, there are many unknowns and basketball betting will always be a bit of a game of chance. It’s your objective to do better.