Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy shows and describes the way in which we deal with the personal information and data that you provide us with via our website. The said information and data help us run our website and also manage and maintain the relationship with our users.

The personal information and data that you provide us with will be kept and processed according to this Privacy Policy, available on Probettingz.

Please note that by accepting the privacy policy you also confirm that you understand and agree to the use of personal information and data. In case you do not agree with the terms stated in this Privacy Policy, you are advised to not use our website, Services, or provide us with your personal information and data.

Personal Data

We collect personal data from the users of our website, platform, and Services so that we can offer you unrestricted access to our sports betting services.

Our Services can be offered to anyone that registers with an account on Probettingz. As such, personal data and information are required for our entity to fulfill its legal obligations that come with the licenses we have that allow us to offer our users access to sports betting services.

Personal data and information are also collected to help the authorities in case of potential criminal activities that have to be investigated.

Why We Collect Personal Data

Besides the reasons mentioned above, we collect personal data and information to also help us project our website, platform, and Services from any type of abuse of fraud.

Us collecting personal data and information ensures that the sports betting website we run protects our interests, as well as those of our users, mainly via the protection of the services that we offer.

Concerns, Details & Complaints

If any of our users have any concerns about the way we collect, use, and process personal data and information, they can ask for more details by contacting us or our customer support team.

Furthermore, if you consider our customer support team not having found a satisfying solution from you, you are free to file a complaint to the national data protection regulator of your area.

Information We Collect

During your interaction with our website, platform, and Services, we may collect the following personal data and information:

  • Identity Data – such as first and last name, maiden name if applicable, username or another identifier, gender, date of birth, and so on. Such information is usually requested when registering with a new account on Probettingz.
  • Contact Data – such as billing address, delivery address, email address, and telephone number.
  • Financial Data – details about the credit card(s) and bank account(s) you use to make payments on our website.
  • Transaction Data – details about the payments we have made to you and you have made to us related to any of the Services or products that you may have purchased from us.
  • Technical Data – details such as IP, login data, PC tag, browser, time zone, location, OS, as well as details related to any technology present on the devices you use to access our Services.
  • Profile Data – username, password, as well as orders and purchases the user has made; this may also include, but not limited to interests, preferences, survey responses, and feedback.
  • Usage Data – detailed information about how you use our Services, products, and website.
  • Marketing and Communications Data.

Please note that we may also collect special types of information and data from our users. When contacting our customer service team, the conversations – chat or telephone – are recorded for educational, security, and financial compliance purposes. Keep in mind that we do not always collect this type of data.

Purposes for the Information We Collect

The personal information and data that we collect from our users are used in the following ways.

Please note that personal data may be used for various lawful grounds, depending on specific purposes. Once again, for any concerns or details, feel free to contact our customer service team.

  • To register the visitor as a new user on Probettingz and unlock their access to our Services.
  • To process and monitor the bets a user makes on Probettingz.
  • To process the payments the user makes on our website, online or via card.
  • To process the payment identification, authorization, or processing of the user.
  • To collect the debt a user may have.
  • To notify the users of any changes to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
  • To ask users for reviews or to participate in surveys, questionnaires, and research studies.
  • To allow the user to participate in competitions, surveys, or prize draws that may be organized on our website.
  • To ensure the security of our website and our Services.
  • To ensure that the advertisements delivered to our users are relevant and to also measure the effectiveness of said advertisements.
  • To rely on analytics provided by the data we collect in order to improve our platform, website, and Services that we offer to our users.
  • To prevent money laundering, weird betting behavior, and fraud.

Before we are able to collect any personal data and information, the user(s) must offer their consent. In terms of marketing and communications data, the user(s) can leave this service and re-consent if they change their mind.

How Long We Keep the Information We Collect

We have the responsibility to retain your personal data and information to meet the legal and contractual requirements that you agreed to upon your registration on Probettingz. As such, we also have the responsibility to keep the personal information and data that we collect from you for as long as you are a customer.

As long as there’s the possibility for us to need your data to fulfill certain legal purposes, the data will be kept.

When a user leaves the website once and for all, we will keep their personal data and information for as long as we have to comply with our legal obligations or avoid legal claims made against us – a couple of years, usually.

Confidentiality & Data Security

Once we collect it, your personal data is:

  • Processed, stored, and used in accordance with your rights.
  • Processed, stores, and used lawfully and fairly.
  • Collected only and strictly for the purposes we have mentioned above.
  • Processed, stored, and used in a secure manner.
  • Relevant and not excessive for it to meet its purposes.
  • Not processed, stored, and used for more than necessary for it to meet its purposes.

We always make sure that, when working with the personal data and information of our users, we take all and the best safety measures required so that your data is not at risk of being stolen.

Our team is fully dedicated to protecting the personal data and information that we collect from you. No unauthorized person will have access to your personal data and information – via our platform, website, and Services – for as long as it is in our possession.

In terms of payments done with credit cards or via bank accounts, that kind of data is fully encrypted and sent to our website only once, thus avoiding other entities from intercepting or collecting the data you send to us.

Our team of professionals is regularly checking and updating our safety features and systems to make sure that we are providing our users with a completely safe environment.

Cookie Policy

Our website uses cookies to collect certain information from an internet server. When you visit our website, the latter will collect cookies from you. When you register and continue to navigate our website and use our Services, this implies that you understand and agree to the use of cookies.

Cookies – and any other similar technologies – are used to manage login sessions and tailor the content that we display on Probettingz to meet your specific needs and interests.

Cookies are transferred and stored to the hard drive of your computer when you access a website that uses cookies or when you agree to the use of cookies. Any user can delete cookies if they want to do so but doing this may limit the functionality of the Services that we have available on Probettingz.

User Obligations

Members of our website and users of our Services agree to provide us with personal data and information from the moment they register with an account on Probettingz.

As such, users have the obligation to send true, valid, and accurate personal data and information. Any changes made to the users’ personal data and information – such as telephone number, address – must be communicated to us so that we are able to maintain a proper relationship between our platform and its users.

If we find out or suspect that a user has broken the rules mentioned in this Privacy Policy or the Terms and Conditions or they have provided us with false personal data and information, we have the right to reject their registration application or to terminate their account immediately.

Please note that we may not notify you of the termination of your account. Because of this, you are not entitled to receive any compensation or offer of compensation from us after your account is terminated or application rejected. You are not entitled to any compensation once and after you have breached our regulations.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy and Privacy Notice may be changed, modified, or altered at any given time, in order to keep our users up to date with what everything related to their personal data and information.

Therefore, it is advised that you check this page for any modifications before you submit any (new) data to us.

Please note that we will notify our users of any major changes and feature the date of the most recent edit of this Privacy Policy. You have the right to not agree to some or all of the changes that we may make in the future. In this case, you have the right to stop using our services, at any given time, with absolutely no consequences at all.

However, please keep in mind that, once you continue to use our website and our Services after we’ve made changes to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, you understand and agree to the changes, thus we will continue to collect information from you.