Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to customers who use any of our services, platforms, or products or who register an account with any of the websites/brands that we manage.

Please take note that, as the gambling information featured on our platform is for entertainment purposes only, our customers are advised to check the gambling-specific laws and regulations of their region before they proceed with using our website.

Definitions & Interpretation

On our platform/s, the following terms should be, unless stated differently, interpreted as explained:

  1. Account – a personal account opened by the Player (you) and maintained by us (our entity), thus allowing you to use our Services.
  2. Game – any gaming activity provided by us on our platform/s for the Player/s, which is approved by the appropriate Regulatory Authority.
  3. Service/s – all of the activities, games, and services that appear on our platform, but not limited to the casino and sportsbook.
  4. Card – referring to the types of (credit) cards that the Player/s can use for credits, deposits, and withdrawals.
  5. Restricted Territory – referring to countries that do not have access to our platform, as their laws and regulations prohibit it.
  6. Website – referring to the online platform that the Player/s can access via the internet. The website stores all the important and needed information about our Services and Operations.

Agreement & General Information

Upon registering and logging into the account created on Probettingz or by using its services directly, you confirm and agree with its rules – specified in the Terms and Conditions ­– and also confirm that you understand what you can, can’t, should, and shouldn’t do.

With the use of our Services or upon registering an account, you also confirm that:

  • You are over the age of majority – 18 years of age – and can enter into a binding legal agreement with our entity.
  • You read and accepted the Terms of Conditions before registering for an account or using our services.
  • You understood and agreed to respect the rules and regulations instated by us.
  • You will have only one account opened in your name. If we discover or believe that you have more than one account on Probettingz, we are allowed to treat it as a single joint account. You should not own more than one single account.
  • You will not open more accounts to take advantage of promotions, benefits, or for any other reasons.
  • You understand and agree that we are allowed to edit, update, or amend our rules at any given time. It is advisable for the Players to check the Terms and Conditions We will notify our users of any changes or updates.
  • You understand that using our platform/website/services after we update/change a rule, implies you accepting and agreeing to the said rule.
  • You understand that, when you don’t agree with any new rules and don’t have the intention to follow them, you shall stop using our services.
  • You understand that you have the responsibility to check whether you are legally allowed to access our platform and use our Services, under the laws and regulations of your country. The Player/s must not be breaking any rules while accessing or using our website.
  • You understand that if any of the products or Services that we provide to our Players are offensive to you, you must stop using our services immediately.

Using Our Services

Once they become active, registered users of our website, the Players must not:

  • Attempt to restrict the access of other users to our platform, website, or Services.
  • Encourage other users to break the rules of the website, specified in the Terms and Regulations.
  • Attempt to or Access our Services through unauthorized means or means not authorized in writing in advance by our team. This includes but is not limited to devices, bots, scripts, and spiders.
  • Attempt to or Use our Services for purposes that are either not authorized or illegal.
  • Attempt to, Interfere with, or Disrupt the Services that we provide to the Player/s, or any of our Servers. The user/s of our Services should not attempt to send anything with a malicious nature our way – such as, but not limited to malware, viruses, worms, spyware.
  • Interfere with or Modify the code and/or content available on our platform that is directly available to our users.
  • Change or Adapt our Services with another website in order to imply our false association with the said website or of our website, platform, and Services.

Please note that your personal computer and/or devices that you use to access our website affect the way our website works on them. It is advised to check the compatibility requirements and/or technical specifications of our platform before you start using our Services or register with an account, to make sure that you will be able to take full advantage of our platform, website, and Services.

Prizes & Winnings

The Player is fully responsible to pay and proceed with diligence in terms of potential duties or taxes that may appear in connection with a winning.

Please note that all of the winnings won by a Player via competitions, promotions, or anything else resulted from the use of our Services will be sent within a certain, reasonable period. We have no responsibility and cannot be held liable for any late, lost, incomplete, mutilated, misdirected, damaged, or illegible mail, requests, entries, or prize claims.

Security & Safety

To ensure the safety and security of our website, as well as of our Players, the latter must understand and keep in mind that:

  • Upon registering for an account on Probettingz, the user will pick their own username and password. The user must understand and agree to never share said information with anyone, as it could endanger the safety of their account and personal data.
  • If the user believes their information has been compromised and/or in use by another user, they have to contact the customer support team immediately and have them change the password to their account.
  • We cannot be held responsible or liable for problems caused by the Player having forgotten, misplaced, lost, or shared his personal account information with another person.
  • The way the users interact with Probettingz and the way our website interacts with the users are marked by confidentiality. However, if we believe a Player to be breaking the rules imposed by our Terms and Conditions, then we are allowed (to break confidentiality and) to share information about said user with third parties, strictly for investigation purposes.
  • Any communications between us, our platform, our website, and the user/s are going to be saved on record. Phone communications between us and the user/s will also be recorded, strictly for security and training purposes – or to ensure compliance with accounting and finance regulations.
  • Card deposits may be fully or partially declined. In such cases, legitimate declined cards may not be available for use until the problem is solved. If the user experiences any problems with their (credit) card, they are fully responsible to solve said problems with the rightful or responsible financial institution.
  • Our team, website, platform, and Services will not perform or attempt to perform any unauthorized activity on your computer or other devices that you use to access our website.
  • The identity of our Players will be determined strictly based on the information that they provide us with. This includes, but may not be limited to their name, email address, mailing address, credit or debit card number, and any other identification document/s they may be asked for.

Complaints & Customer Service

Any issue/s that the Players might encounter while using Probettingz or Services should be reported to the customer service team.

In case of any issues, problems, complaints, and so on, the user can always contact our customer service team – via email or the live chat service that we have available on Probettingz. A representative of the customer support team will reply to you within a reasonable amount of time.

Please note that, for the customer team to be able to properly assist users with their issues, the former may be required to ask the Player for clear information about their identity – name, username, registered mail, residential address – depending on the issue.

Betting Odds

When updating our Services with the latest odds for the benefit of our Players, we will be using only reliable and knowledgeable sources. These odds will also be updated on a regular basis, in order to keep the Players and our Services up to date.

Betting Rules

The Terms and Conditions mentioned so far are the ones that govern the user of our website, Services, and sportsbook. When placing a bet, Players confirm that they read, understood, and agree to follow the terms and conditions specified on this page.

Please note that bets are not considered as valid until they get validated and appear in the Players’ bet history. Any uncertainty about the validity of a placed bet can be addressed to our customer support team.

We reserve every right to make changes to this website, platform, and Services – which includes, but is not limited to offerings, betting limits, and payout limits.

Please note that, upon winning a bet, the Player will be paid up to the maximum limit only. If their bet goes above the limit, we and our website will not be liable for the additional amount.